An analytical window contains all the mentions available to you for presentation and analysis in Standard, Pro and Insight payment plans. It includes all the latest publications in reverse-chronological order, including deleted posts and posts marked as spam. 

Let’s talk more about how the analytical window works.

1. The Standard plan allows you to work with 100,000 of the latest mentions in each topic. 

Subscribers to higher tiers of our payment plans will be able to work with up to 100,000,000 mentions per topic. Our software is the first to offer this kind of data analysis volume among all other monitoring systems.

2. If you need to analyze data sets that vary in sizes – for example, 10 topics would need an analytical window of 100,000, while the other 5 would need a window of up to 10,000,000 – you can purchase two separate plans.

3. You only pay for the data set that make sense for your business goals. For example, in order to quickly respond to new mentions in a topic with a high volume of daily posts, the Standard plan would suffice.  

4. If there is an unexpected spike in discussions related to an important event in your monitoring topic, you can still work with these mentions as usual, but your reporting window will cover a smaller date range.

5. The appearance of unexpected discussion spikes in one topic doesn’t influence other topics on your account.

6. There is no need to anticipate the exact mention volume for your brand in the future. By simply upgrading your plan by one tier, you give yourself a big safety net, since the reporting window increases 10 times with each upgrade!

️To get the best results, your analytical window should cover mentions for at least the past 7 days. For example, for Pro plan members, this means up to 1,000,000 weekly mentions.

If data for the past 7 days doesn’t fit into your topic, send us a note via chat, or email We’ll help you evaluate your search queries and focus your mention stream, or choose a more suitable payment plan. For example, on Listen, Analyze and Innovate payment plans your topics will no longer be limited by the analytical window, which means you will have a lot more possibilities on mentions collection and analysis!

Happy monitoring!  

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