Navigate to your topic and go to the Authors dashboard in the left-hand menu.

In this section, you can learn (from left to right):

  • The author's username;

  • Profile type (personal or brand page);

  • Number of followers/subscribers;

  • Total engagement;

  • Number of mentions;

  • Mention sentiment: blue for neutral, green for positive, red for negative.

☝️ By clicking on the author's name, you can read all the posts they published in the mention stream.

Sorting options and how to choose the best one for you

By mentions

By default, authors are sorted by the number of posts they published on your topic. This option is great for finding brand advocates who support and defend your brand. Or you can use this option to catch detractors and address any issues they might have.

💡 You can do similar things for competitor analysis or a broader analysis of your field. For example, you can create a general topic about beauty and make-up and find the most active authors in that topic.

By influence

This option allows you to sort top authors by the number of subscribers or followers. Sorting authors this way can help you find thought leaders and influencers who mention you.

You can also use this option to sort posts about your competitor, if you want to work with the same influencers (or avoid those who represent your competitors!).

By engagement

Sorting by engagement allows you to find authors whose posts resonate the most with your audience (by receiving the highest number of likes, shares, and comments). Sometimes the author with fewer followers but highly engaging posts can be better for collaborations.

☝️ You can use filters to fine-tune your search.

For example, to find users who are talking about your product, you can:

  1. Exclude the "Article" and "Commerce" auto-categories to avoid sponsored posts, ads and the news media;

  2. Select only men and women to exclude pages and groups.

Exporting data

To export the data in Excel, click «Create report» and select «Authors».

You can export a maximum of 1,000,000 mentions.

🆒 If there are more than 1,000,000 mentions, download TOP 100 authors in CSV.

⭐️ Any export allows prior filtering and sorting

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