☝ You can change the language settings, location, type of mentions and sources in each topic to see the most relevant mentions.

We've collected the best advice to simplify your monitoring topic set-up and help you uncover the most relevant mentions without missing any important information.

1. Collecting mentions from a specific country

If you want to only see mentions that originated from a specific country - for example, The UK and France - you can select these countries and add "Not defined" to your query.

💡 Not all sources will be geotagged, so we always recommend adding "Not defined" to your query. This way, you avoid the risk of missing out on important mentions from telegram.me or instagram.com.

2. Collecting mentions in a specific language

If you want to only see mentions in English, you can select the language and add "Undefined (latin)".

💡 For short mentions, like social media comments, the language can be difficult to identify. We always recommend adding "Undefined (cyrillic)" or "Undefined (Latin)" depending on the main language of your topic.

3. Collecting mentions from specific sources

When creating the topic you can select or exclude a specific source: by type or by name.

If you can't find a source in the list, use the search bar.

4. Collecting user-generated mentions

If you only want to see mentions from real people, exclude the "News" resource type.

5. Collecting unique mentions

To see unique posts and comments, filter by post types "Post" and "Comment." This way, you will exclude reposts and shares of the same post from your mention stream.

6. A combination of multiple filters

You can set up any combination of filters according to your unique needs. For example, here's how you can collect English-language news mentions in The Netherlands:

7. Add or change filters after topic creation

If you forgot to set up filters while creating a topic, don't worry - you can always add or modify filters in your topic settings.

To modify a filter, navigate to Settings and go to the Filter tab. After making the desired changes, click Apply to collect mentions with the new filter. Mentions collected before these changes will remain in the topic and will not be affected.

💡 All these filters work for the entire query. If you want to apply filters only to a specific part of it, use advanced operators.

Also, all filters that you have selected can be seen in the thread of topics. To do this, hover over the filters icon.

Learn more about using advanced operators in the article👇🏻:

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