Go to Analytics and select the Word Cloud tab to begin working with the most popular keywords in your topic.

Two word cloud formats

  1. The default word cloud is "Aina words," which shows you the most interesting and original words in the topic. This visualization can help you find unique publications and discussion trends.
  2. You can switch to the "Frequent words" graph in one click by selecting the graph icon above the graph. The newly formed cloud will show you common words and keyphrases that frequently appear in the topic. The bigger the depicted word, the more frequent it is.


To change the colour of the words, use the coloured circle switches at the top.


You can change the time period and filters for the mention stream. The word cloud will reflect these changes. If you click on a word in the word cloud, you will see the mention stream filtered by that keyword.

Exporting data

You can export the word cloud in the following formats: PNG, JPEG, SVG, PDF, XLS (spreadsheet), CSV (spreadsheet).

To download the file, select "Export" in the upper right-hand corner and select your desired format.

☝️ Filters are applied to exported data.

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