You can set up an integration with Angry.Space in YouScan in two steps:

Step 1. Enable the integration.

Step 2. Set up a rule to automatically send mentions to Angry.Space.

Enabling the Angry.Space integration

1. In the monitoring topic for which you want to set up this integration, go to «Settings» and select «Integrations»;

2. Select Angry.Space;

3. Click «Authorize Angry.Space»;

4. An authorization pop-up for YouScan in Angry.Space will be opened in a separate window. Click «Allow.»

🎉 Done! YouScan mentions now can be sent to your Angry.Space account. You may share mentions manually or set up rules to automatically send them to the platform. We'll go over each of these methods below.

Send mentions automatically

Use «Rules» to set up conditions to automatically send mentions to Angry.Space. For example, you can send all user complaints there.

To create a rule:

1. Open your mention stream and set up your desired filters - for example, filter by the «Post» general category;

2. Select all mentions;
3. Click the «Create a rule with this filter» button;

4. Select «Send to integration».

Users are also able to receive all new mentions directly in Angry.Space. To set this up, select all mentions without applied filters and create a new rule.

Send mentions manually

To send a mention to Angry.Space, click «Share» and select the appropriate integration from the list.

This is what the mention looks like in Angry.Space.

Have fun with the setup! Feel free to seek an integration advice, using the chat window - we're always glad to help 😊

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