Why Channels?

Sometimes, monitoring keywords alone is not enough; you need to see all posts from a specific page. For example, this can be a brand's official page or group on social media. 

We call these pages "channels." By adding a channel to your topic, you can receive all posts from the channel, regardless of other topic settings.

How are posts collected from Channels?

By adding a page channel, you can select the desired time period for your data collection (the default setting is a month).

Then, all online posts and comments from the page will be monitored. The stream update frequency starts at 10 minutes and takes up to several hours.

☝️ For the system to work smoothly, there should be no more than 200 channels per 1 topic.

How to enable Channels

  • Go to "Settings" in the topic where you'd like to include a new channel;

  • Select "Channels" in the right-hand menu;

  • Select "Add channel";

  • Paste a link to your desired channel in the pop-up window (see examples of those links below) and press "Enter";

  • Select your desired data collection time period for the new channel (the default setting is a month); 

  • Press the + button to add the channel. 

Examples of links for channel sources


💡Before including an Instagram channel, you first need to authorize a connected Facebook Page in YouScan.



💡Before adding a LinkedIn page, you need to authorize it in YouScan.



While including a Twitter profile, https://twitter.com/YouScan_io, you get a choice of two streams:

  • All tweets from this user;

  • All @mentions of this user. 



Public channels and chats — https://t.me/internationalgeographic 

App Store

To monitor app reviews, specify the country you'd like to include. For example:

Google Play

To monitor app reviews, specify the country you'd like to include. For example:


Google Maps

Location —






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