Why do you need topic scaling?

If the number of mentions included in your plan is not enough for your desired monitoring topic, you can increase your mention limit. The Topic Scaling function merges the mention limit for several topics into one expanded limit. You can analyze all mentions collected in a scaled topic.

Scaled topics work like any others. When you need to create a topic with a higher allowed number of mentions than usual, you can merge the collection limit of several topics into one. Please note that when you merge several topics into one, you won't be able to create as many new topics.

For example, if your plan includes 5 topics and you create a scaled topic that merges the limits of two topics into one, you will only have 3 new topics left.

☝️ Topic scaling is available to users of our Listen, Analyze and Innovate plans.

How to create a scaled topic

  1. Select "Create topic" in your account;

  2. Create your search query and name your topic, set up your filters and click "Show preview";

  3. If the number of mentions exceeds your monthly mention limit, you won't see any data. Instead, the software will suggest modifying your query or using data management tools.

  4. Toggle the "Topic scaling" switch on to enable merging several topics into one.

☝️You will need to have free topics available in your account to use this function.

5. After merging topic limits, you will be able to preview some data. Click "Create topic."

⚠️ You'll get a notification if you don't have free topics available to scale your topic. To free up space in your account, delete one of your existing topics.

You can tell a scaled topic from the others by a circular icon next to its title. Hovering your cursor over this icon will tell you how many topic limits are merged into this topic.

How to edit a scaled topic

After creating the topic, you can edit your query or topic filters, but you cannot change topic scaling.

If the number of collected mentions increases or decreases drastically, reach out to our support chart or email support@youscan.io.

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