We will examine how to set up filters to view mentions that meet specific parameters.

Working with filters

Let's say you only want to see user-generated content from social networks. To filter these mentions, follow these steps:

Done! The mention stream will reflect the changes you made.

By default, several parameters are grouped together using the AND operator. You can also choose the OR operator.

For example, you may want to view mentions both from social media and other sources, even if they're not social networks.

You can also change the operator by clicking the "=" icon. You can exclude all parameter selections in one click. Your mention stream will reflect your changes after the filter is applied.

The filter will apply to all sections and exports of the topic. To reset the filter, click the 'X' icon next to the parameter that's no longer needed. If you want to reset the filter completely, click "Clear".

Filters for Authors

You can set the desired audience size for an author or a publication platform. This makes finding thought leaders even easier! You can set a minimum and maximum range for the size of the audience.

For example, to find mentions from authors with more than 10K followers: In the Authors section, set the lower range of the following size to 10K and click "Add to filter"

Don't forget to click "Apply" after selecting the desired filter parameters.

💡You can set the necessary audience size both for authors and sources.

You can also set the desired age range for authors whose mentions you'd like to analyze. You can either choose a range or set a minimum and a maximum age bracket.

This is how you'd find authors from 25 to 35 years old.

👆Age data is not available for all users, so this filter only applies to mentions from users whose age can be determined.

Filter links and domains

This is where you'd find links and domains the users shared. This filter helps you track how a link was shared or what posts were published on a certain domain — for example, to track the spread of the recipe for pumpkin cream cheese muffins.

More on filters

You can learn additional information about certain filters in these articles:

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