With YouScan's Social Mention Wall, you can conveniently showcase posts about your brand or event on the big screen.

Mention streams are automatically updated with new posts in real-time. You can adjust the Wall for different screen sizes depending on the number of mentions you want to display.

A Social Mention Wall can show:

a) all mentions from a chosen topic; 

b) only select mentions that have gone through moderation.

️☝️Mention Wall is available to Pro, Insight and Ultra subscribers 

Here are some of the ways Social Mention Wall can help your business:

Social Mention Wall in your office

Get the whole team involved in brand reputation management by displaying mentions about your company in the reception and recreational areas of your office. All staff and visitors will be able to see real-time conversations about your brand on social networks and online news media.

Display mentions at conferences and presentations

Showcasing mentions about the event (for example, posts with the event hashtag) in common areas is a great way to increase engagement among attendees and attract a bigger audience, encouraging them to share their thoughts and photos from the event on social media. 

Mentions can be displayed in conference rooms during breaks or in the cafeteria/lunch area. The mention stream can be moderated in your YouScan dashboard so that only select mentions are displayed.

We can create custom branding for your Social Mention Wall and set up the layout and display format that best suit your needs.

To activate your access to Social Mention Wall, follow these two steps:

  1. Send us the desired monitoring topic name via chat or email support@youscan.io;
  2. Indicate your preferred format: display all mentions in a topic, only show select mentions or highlight curated mentions
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