Historical data for the previous month is collected automatically upon the creation of a new topic.

If the topic contains a large volume of mentions, you can launch historical collection manually. As soon as such a topic is created, you'll get a notification that the dataset is too large to collect history automatically. If you still want to receive data from a previous time period, press the "Start history collection" button in the topic settings. 

Free history collection

  • The volume of historical data collected free of charge (data that's over a month old) per 30 days corresponds to the number of topics in your plan;
  • Collection date range is up to 12 months from the current date;
  • Data volume is not more than 500,000 mentions per topic.

Paid history collection

For larger mention volumes, data collection will come at additional cost, according to the table below. Data can be collected starting as far back as 2014.

☝️ Make sure that the analytical window in your plan allows you to analyze all of the collected mentions. 

We reserve the right to reevaluate the capacity to collect historical data in extremely large data sets.

Back data is loaded "as-is"; we can't guarantee complete, clean datasets for periods preceding the start of your monitoring. 

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