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Customize your interface (language, time zone and colour scheme)
Customize your interface (language, time zone and colour scheme)

How to change the default language, time zone and color scheme settings of your YouScan account

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You can change the following settings in your account:

  1. Time Zone: You can set up your YouScan account for any time zone. Topic mentions and metrics will be displayed in your desired time.

  2. Language: The account can be displayed in English, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian.

  3. Theme: You can choose the theme of the interface: light or dark.

  4. Color scheme: There are 4 different options to choose from 🎨 :

  • Default - offers contrasting dark and bright colors for better accessibility and looks great in both dark and light UI themes.

  • Old school - for those who prefer a more classic look, our Old School scheme is the one you know and love.

  • Bright - offers the same qualities as our previous palette but with more carefully selected and vibrant colors.

  • Pastel - for those who love Kibana-style charts. It's a blend of colors that are convenient to use in data-rich visualizations and simpler ones.

To change the time zone, language or color scheme settings in YouScan:

1. Go to My Settings.

2. Scroll down to Interface Settings and choose your desired language, time zone and color scheme.

New settings are saved automatically.

💡 Only you will see these changes. If you want to work in the same time zone as your colleagues, each user has to change settings on their individual accounts.

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