Why do you need different folders?

Sorting your mentions by processed and unprocessed helps you save time in your workflow. You don't need to remember which posts you've responded to, or whether you've already seen a post or not. You can simply work from the "Unprocessed" folder to see only new mentions. 

How does it work?

By default, all new mentions are sent to the "Unprocessed' folder. 

Once you've examined the mention (tagged it, sent to CRM, etc.) or simply viewed it without planning any further action, you can send the post to the "Processed" folder with one click.

💡This algorithm is perfect for teams working on the same topic simultaneously. You don't have to find out which posts have already been processed by your colleagues, or leave any handover notes. You can simply mark all processed mentions as such, and work out of the "Unprocessed" folder. 

Happy monitoring!

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