Removing "Commerce" mentions

Use the "Commerce" auto-category, author exclusions and stop-words to filter out buy/sell ads

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Users take to social media to share their opinions, ask for advice or collect information. They also often look to buy or sell through social platforms. But what if you don't need to see all the buy/sell ads in your mention stream?

Here are some ways you can exclude such "marketplace" mentions:

Let's go over each way in more detail.

The "Commerce" auto-category

YouScan leverages machine learning to identify mentions that pertain to buying or selling products/services. You can exclude this type of mentions by following these steps:

Go to "Mentions" → Click "Choose filters" → Check the box next to the "Commerce" auto-category. Once these mentions are selected, create a rule to delete these posts from your stream.

Excluding authors/groups

Sometimes, just excluding individual authors or groups is enough to remove most of the commerce-related content from your feeds. To delete all mentions from a specific author that have already been collected into the mention stream and to prevent them from being collected again, you can use the "Exclude" button.

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