If you can't find a mention in your topic, try these steps:

1) Check the Excluded mentions in your topic Settings. The publication source or community where the mention appeared might be excluded from your topic.

2) Check the Bin folder to see if the mention might have been deleted by mistake. To find the mention quickly, use unique keywords from the missing post in the Search bar - for example, "Air Force"

3) Check the Spam folder.

4) Check the keywords in your topic query. Perhaps the keyword you need wasn't explicitly included in the query, or the mention contains one of your stop-words.

5) Check your topic filters. Perhaps your mention is written in a language that's been excluded from the topic, or it could have been filtered out for other reasons.

6) Check when your topic was last updated. It could have been created or updated after the mention was published. You can find dates of last update for all your topics on the topic list page: https://next.youscan.io/themes

If you still can't find the post after trying all of the steps above, reach out to us via chat and we will investigate.

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