Modifying a monitoring topic

How to modify an existing topic and when those changes take effect

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In this article, we will review:

When you're working with a ready-made topic, you have the flexibility to modify the search query, and filters, or incorporate a logo for monitoring. You can do so in the topic «Settings» tab.

You can access «Settings» in 2 ways:

1. From the list of topics

2. From the topic menu

Changing the search query

To change the query:
1. Go to the «Settings» -> «General» tab;
2. Paste a new search query in the «Query» field, or add new keywords to an old query and click «Show preview»;

3. Check out the examples and if you are satisfied click «Apply».

💡 Making changes to your search query, make sure to use our boolean operator cheat sheet.

Changing filters

To change the filters:
1. In the topic «Settings», navigate to the «General» tab in the right-hand menu;

2. Select the necessary filters;
3. Press «Apply».

☝️ Pay attention, please, that all changes will only affect new mentions after it is applied. Mentions that have already been collected on the topic will remain unchanged.

💡If the number of collected mentions increases and you have free topics in your account, you can merge topics.

👉🏻 If you want to save previously collected results and collect additional mentions from a new query or filters for a previous period, you can start collecting historical data with an updated query by going to "Settings" → "History Collection".

 👉🏻  If you want to delete previously collected results, and start to collect updated mentions with a new query, use the "Clear all data" function. Previously selected filters will remain unchanged.

⚠️ Note that once you press "Clear all data", all mentions, markup, and statistics will be permanently deleted.

If you w to find mentions with a new query or filters for the previous period, you can start collecting historical data with the updated query by going to «Settings» → «History collection».

👉🏻 If you want to create all the settings from scratch, go to the themes page and create a new topic.

Add a logo and text recognition

  1. Go to «Settings» tab;

  2. In the «General» tab, go to the Logo section and click «Configure logo»;

  3. Select the logos you need to monitor;

  4. Click «Apply».

☝️ Please note that Logo recognition is available as an add-on, which you can purchase for a fee. To learn more about the features and possibilities of your pricing plan, contact your personal manager or write to

Good luck! 

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