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YouScan collects comments into a topic for one of the following reasons:

1. If the comment mentions the monitoring subject;

2. If the monitoring subject appears in the parent post where the comment is published. These are so-called implicit or indirect mentions. The «Indirect mentions» filter can help find these posts or exclude them from your mention stream.

How to view all the comments/discussions collected for a specific post (only those present in the topic)

If you want to gain more insight into a noteworthy comment or post made in the mention stream, click the «Show the discussion» button. Doing so will give you the opportunity to read the whole discussion, study responses, and better understand the background of the comment.

Once you click the button, we filter the mention stream according to the discussion, showing you all related posts and comments in your topic.

💡Using «Show Discussion» filter, you can go to «General Analytics» to check the sentiment distribution of opinions or word cloud, as well as other features.

How to exclude comments without keywords

Using the «Indirect mentions» filter

1. Click «Choose»;

2. In the «General» tab, scroll down to «Indirect mentions».
If you want to only see mentions that contain the keywords specified in your topic query, click the red icon next to «Comments not matching query» and click «Apply».

💡 You can also create a «Move to bin» rule by selecting «Comments not matching query» under «Indirect mentions» to only see posts that match the keywords specified in your topic query.

⚠️ The «Comments not matching query» filter doesn't apply to mentions collected from channels and for posts in the «Reviews» resource type.

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