Working with YouScan API

Expand your capabilities of working with mentions and social media analytics

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We have gathered a few examples of common API uses, but this is far from an exhaustive list. The best part about API is that you can use it to solve all kinds of unique problems.

Data visualization

Use data from YouScan with visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio, etc. to build your own graphs.

Personal dashboards

API data is accessible in real time. You can combine it with data from other tools. As a result, you get unique datasets and visualizations of your desired metrics. This allows you to build dashboards that will be updated automatically.

YouScan clients display these dashboards in their offices to make important brand performance metrics public to the entire company.

Integrations with analytics software

If you need to analyze datasets from several sources in a different tool, or integrate a large dataset with Excel or Google Spreadsheets, API allows you to do all that and more!

Custom reports and digests

If you need to automate reports that are not available in YouScan, you can integrate YouScan data with a third-party tool like Google Spreadsheet, which allows you to create custom reports.

☝️ To integrate data using API, you may need help from your IT team. If you have some coding chops, try to use an automation tool like Zapier and set up the integration by yourself!

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