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How to configure YouScan-Creatio integration
How to configure YouScan-Creatio integration

Automatically send mentions about your brand directly to Creatio cases

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Creatio is the system for marketing, sales and service to manage business processes across the entire customer journey on a single low-code platform.

To use our integration you’ll need a YouScan account. Sign up now for a free trial if you haven’t done it yet!

To configure Creatio integration you have to install Social media cases for Creatio from Creatio marketplace to your Creatio account.

How to configure Creatio integration in the YouScan topic

Then configure the integration within your YouScan account using the following steps:

Step 1. Open «Integrations» menu in your topic «Setting».

Step 2. Find Creatio integration and press «Add».

Step 3. Specify your Creatio subdomain (the word that comes before in the browser when you are logged into Creatio) and the form API token you've just copied.

Step 4. Send a test message and check how it looks in your Creatio account.

Step 5. Confirm integration creation.

🎉 That's it! Now YouScan can send mentions to your Creatio account. You may configure rules to send mentions automatically as soon as after YouScan finds them or send mentions manually.

Send mentions to Creatio

You can send specific mentions manually

Or use «Rules» to automatically send all the mentions matching specific filter, e.g. all negative mentions from social media platforms.

It is also possible to get all the new mentions to Creatio. Just select all mentions without applied filters and hit yellow magic wand to create a rule.

You'll see a newly created case in a Cases list inside Creatio.

With all the details.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance. Just reach us in the chat :) 

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