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Useful keyboard shortcuts for working with mention streams
Useful keyboard shortcuts for working with mention streams

YouScan uses keyboard shortcuts – Hotkeys – to make it easier for you to perform various actions in the mention stream.

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You can activate hotkeys in “My settings”:

Toggle “Enable Hotkeys” under the “Interface settings” to activate the hotkeys. 

Hotkey combinations and their actions:

Shift+? — Opens Hotkey cheat sheet
Arrow up/down – scroll in the mention stream, the selected mention is highlighted in blue
D — Move to bin
1 — Set positive sentiment
2 — Set neutral sentiment
3 — Set negative sentiment
T — Edit mention tags
Shift+Enter — Confirm tag selection
S — Add or remove from Starred
! — Add or remove from Spam
O — Open original mention in new tab
Enter — Open mention
Х — Select mention ***
Shift+X — Select all mentions on the page ***
Alt+Shift+X — Select all mentions that match current filter ***
W — Mark as processed ***
/ — Search in mention stream

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