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Mention geography

How YouScan determines where the mention originated and how you can use this data

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How YouScan determines the geolocation of a mention

Social networks

We figure out post location by using one of the following methods:

  • Using the post's geotag;

  • If there is no geotag, we use the author's location (from their profile);

  • If the author did not specify their location, we use the location indicated in the publication source (group, community, social media page).


Reviews and comments on maps are automatically geotagged; we use this tag to determine location.

News media, forums, review sites

There are two ways to determine post location from these types of sources:

  • Author's location, if available;

  • If not, we look at the domain name. For example, .fr means France, .ua - Ukraine, .uk - The United Kingdom.

Google Play, App Store

  • In Google Play, location is determined by the language of the review.

  • For App Store reviews, we use country information specified at the purchase stage.

How to use geolocation in YouScan

By knowing the location of a mention, you can figure out the perception of your brand in that specific country or region. This can help you evaluate the impact of your marketing campaigns in various regions, for example.

You will encounter geotags in several YouScan sections, such as:

1. In topic settings, you can filter by country.

2. You can adjust filters in an existing topic if you want to expand or narrow down the scope of your monitoring efforts. To do so, go to Settings → Filter and select the desired countries.

🧐 Learn more about modifying monitoring topics here.

3. In the mention stream, you can see the post's location on every mention.

4. Internal topic filters allow you to sort your mention stream by country, region or city.

5. In the General Analytics dashboard, you can see an interactive map showing where most of your topic's mentions originated.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at or send a message via chat!

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