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Overview of the Rules function
Overview of the Rules function

How to automate manual processes (tagging, sentiment markup, modifying a mention stream, notifications) by using Rules

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Set up topic conditions (filters) once and mentions in this topic will be filtered automatically. 

Automate processes using Rules

  • Sentiment markup
    Example: Automatically mark all posts from your official social media pages as neutral to avoid skewing the results of your sentiment analysis. 

  • Marking mentions as "Processed."
    Example: Automatically send mentions from your official social media pages to the "Processed" folder. 

  • Deleting mentions
    Example: Delete all commerce-oriented mentions from social media, but leave posts from other sources. 

  • Email alerts
    Example: Email all negative Twitter mentions to the PR department or specific colleagues. 

  • Send mentions to messengers, CRM and Helpdesk systems
    Example: Send all new social media mentions to your Slack channel or Helpdesk software. 

How to create a new Rule

Check the video guide on how to create a rule 🎥

1) In the mention stream, select the conditions (filters) that you would like to automate. In our example, these are Facebook and Twitter mentions. 

2) Click "Select all" above the mention stream.

3) Select "Create rule with this filter."

4) In the pop-up window that appears, select "Add action."

5) Choose the action you want to automate from the dropdown menu (you can select multiple rules at once). For example, choose "Send to integration."

💡The integration has to be set up ahead of time. In our example, it's a Slack integration. 

6) Select "Create rule."

🎉 All done! Now all new Twitter and Facebook mentions will be automatically sent to your Slack channel, so you are always aware of the latest discussions around your brand.

☝️A rule can have any filters available in the topic, except for tags. 

Modifying Rules

To modify a rule, go to "Settings" in your topic and select the rule you want to edit. 

This will open a mention stream filtered by the rule you have selected. 

Now you can modify that rule by adding a missing filter or removing one you no longer need. You can delete the old rule in the topic Settings. 

☝🏻 The number of rules you can create is unlimited.

Deleting Rules

You can view the full list of Rules or delete them in the "Rules" tab under Topic Settings.

Have more questions about working with Rules? Send us a message via chat, and we would be happy to help! :)

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