We monitor publicly available information from: 

  • Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok etc.);

  • Review sites (Google Play, App Store, etc.);

  • Blogs;

  • Online media;

  • Forums;

  • Reddit;

  • Telegram.

The monitoring process relies on keywords (for example, a brand name) specified in the search query. 

☝️Some platforms allow you to monitor everything published on a specific page or discussion thread regardless of your search query. For example, it can be a specific user profile, a social media group or an app entry in the App Store. These pages should be connected as "Channels".

We are constantly working to expand our coverage and update our database to include new platforms. If you don't see your desired monitoring source in your topic - send us a link with an example of a mention that interests you, and we will consider adding a custom source.

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