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How to enable email notifications about important events in your topics

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What are Smart Alerts?

Smart Alerts are email notifications about important posts and changes in your monitoring topics. 

How to enable Smart Alerts

  1. Go to the Notifications tab.

  2. Toggle to receive Smart Alerts as shown below:

💡 You can add new users in order to enable Smart Alerts for colleagues who don't have a YouScan account, but want to stay in the loop of all the important developments.

How does it work?

YouScan's algorithm analyzes data in your topics, and emails you when an important post or change is found, such as:

  • A sudden spike in mentions, especially negative-sentiment ones;

  • A post is rapidly gaining engagement (likes, comments, shares);

  • An influencer with a large follower base published a post.

All settings are automatically tailored to the individual topic. For example, an author is considered to be an influencer if they have a higher-than-average number of followers compared to other authors in that topic. 

🤔 Every alert contains a feedback survey. The algorithm learns from your feedback before sending future alerts. 

P.S. Smart Alerts complement our daily, weekly and monthly email reports. You can learn more about those here:

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