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How YouScan measures engagement
How YouScan measures engagement

Finding the most important posts with the highest number of likes, shares and comments

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YouScan indexes the number of likes, shares/reposts, and comments for all mentions collected from social media. These metrics are shown at the bottom of the post.

For your convenience, there's a table showing you all the metrics we monitor for each source.

You can also check when the engagement was last updated by hovering over them.

☝️The engagement update frequency is highly dependent on each individual resource. But in general, we try to update daily.

To find important posts quickly, you can sort your mention stream by engagement. Engagement is the total number of likes, shares/reposts, and comments. When you sort by engagement, you will see the posts with the highest engagement first.

You can see the engagement graph for your entire topic in the General Analytics section.

Engagement for news articles

This metric is based on the popularity of the article on Facebook and shows:

  • How many times was it shared there?

  • How many reactions did it gain? (total number of reactions without distribution)

  • How many comments did it cause?

It is also used everywhere across the system except for Social Search, so you can:

  • sort news by engagement/comments to see more popular ones

  • check the distribution of engagement for news over time

This data is also available in all types of exports: Excel, API, Webhook, etc.

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