How to use webhook integration?

Send topic mentions to other apps via HTTP POST requests

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Webhook is a data delivery method between different applications. It allows you to send mentions from YouScan to other apps manually or automatically 🙌

If you can't find the application you need in the list of available integrations, you can set up a custom integration via Webhook. In this article, we will teach you how to do this. 

⚠️ Mentions from Reddit can’t be requested via Webhook.

Setting up Webhook integrations 

There's a bit of set-up required on the back-end of the app that you would like to integrate with YouScan.

💡 You can find information about the app settings in its Knowledge Base or Support sections. 

In YouScan, you need to complete the following 2 steps: 

  1. Open the topic «Settings», navigate to the Integrations tab and click «Add» next to Webhook.

  2. Specify a destination URL for YouScan's alerts. 

💡 Alerts from YouScan need to be set up individually for each topic. You can set up the same destination for every topic, or add several Webhooks to a single topic. 

Working with a Webhook integration 

There are two ways to send mentions via Webhook:

  • Automatic alerts using «Rules»;

  • Manual work in the mention stream.

Mention structure

Webhook allows you to send mention parameters available in YouScan, such as:

  • Author information;

  • Publication source and origin of the post;

  • Mention text;

  • Engagement metrics.

Here is the full list of parameters available through YouScan:


  "country":, //author's country
  "region":, //author's region
  "city":, //author's city
  "topicId":,//monitoring topic ID
  "topicName":, //name of your monitoring topic
  "mentionId":, //mention's order number in the topic
  "sourceName":,//name of the source
  "author": { //information about the author
    "url":, //profile URL
    "name":, //author's name
    "nickname": //author's username
    "avatarUrl":, //author's user picture
    "subscribers": //author's audience

  "channel": { //publication source
    "url":, //link to the source page
    "name":, // page title
    "avatarUrl":, //user picture
    "subscribers": //audience
"tags": [], // mention tags
  "title":, // post title
  "text":, // post copy (snippet with keyword)
  "url":, // direct URL to the post
  "published":, // time of publication
"addedAt":, // time when mention was saved to topic
  "sentiment":, // post sentiment
  "imageUrl":, // a link to the image contained in the mention
  "language":, // the mention's auto-detected language
  "postType":, // post type
  "resourceType":, // type of publication platform
  "spam":, // determines whether the post is considered spam (Y/N)
  "postId":, // unique post ID
  "parentPostId":, // parent post ID
  "discussionId":, // discussion ID
  "likes":, // the number of likes on the post
  "reposts":, // the number of shares on the post
  "comments":, // the number of comments on the post
  "engagement": //  a total number of engagements (likes, comments, shares)

Our webhook integration supports Basic Authentication. To set a username and password, use the callback URL in this format:
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