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How to set up your stream to see the most urgent mentions first

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Using the Sort function, you can order mentions according to the demands of your task, like seeing posts with the highest number of comments first

How to sort mentions

Navigate to your stream. Mentions are displayed in reverse chronological order by default, the most recent posts are shown first. To change the sorting order, click on the button in the upper right-hand corner and choose your desired option.

Sorting options

By publication date: new first or old first. Use this option if you need to respond to questions or concerns quickly.

By indexing date: posts that were recently collected by YouScan will show up first. Use if you need to check whether all posts collected in a given time period have been processed.

By engagement: this option helps you find the most popular mentions, which have collected the most likes, shares and comments. Learn more about how we measure engagement.

By comments: this option allows you to see the hottest discussions in your topic. Posts that received the highest number of comments will show up first.

By views: sort to see the most-viewed posts. This option can help you measure the reach of your ad campaigns, for example.

☝️ We determine the view count only on platforms that offer public access to this kind of information.

By potential reach: to find mentions that a wider audience has potentially seen.

💡 Depending on the website type, we use different information to calculate the Potential Reach:

  • The number of followers of the publication's place for:

    • posts and reposts from all social networks except for Twitter.

    • posts and reposts from Reddit.

    • posts, reposts, and comments from Telegram.

  • The number of followers of the author for posts and comments from Twitter.

  • Average monthly visits of the website for the posts from news websites and blogs.

By author subscribers: helps you find posts published by the most influential authors.

By channel subscribers: sort to find mentions that were published on the pages with the largest audience.

By number of duplicates: posts that have been duplicated the most are displayed first. YouScan will merge all posts with identical content in one group for this sorting option, and you can perform bulk actions on these mentions. For example, you can delete all grouped mentions with a single click.

🧐 Duplicates are posts with identical content. They contain the exact same text and punctuation.

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