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How to customize your mention stream
How to customize your mention stream

Learn how to select monitoring periods, merge duplicates, choose filters, sort, and identify important discussions

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Now that you have created your monitoring topic and all data for your desired time period has been collected, your next step is to set up your mention stream for analysis.

Step 1: Select your desired time period using the calendar

The first thing to do is to determine the chronological scope of your analysis. Data from the past 30 days is selected by default. To set a different time period, manually select the dates you'd like to monitor.

Step 2: Merge duplicates

This tiny toggle can save you a lot of time and effort. You don't need to process mentions with the same copy — just merge all duplicates and process them in bulk with just one click.

Step 3: Choose filters

You can highlight mentions that share the same characteristics using the "Filters" function.

💡 For example, your analysis might focus on social media content from all platforms except TikTok. You can choose the desired resource type and exclude posts from the source you don't need:

Learn more about filters here.

Step 4: Search inside the topic

You can further specify your desired data segment through the search function inside the individual topic. The internal search can help you find posts with desired keywords among the other mentions.

💡 For example, you might need mentions where users talk about their favorite Spotify playlists. To find these, list the necessary keywords in the search bar, such as: (fav OR favorite OR best OR inspiring OR lovely) /5 playlist. Expanded search field makes it easier to work with the search engine:

The internal topic search uses the same boolean operators as YouScan topics. You can brush up on these operators here.

Step 5: Sorting the mention stream

Sorting helps put mentions in the order convenient for you. If you need to see the most popular posts first, sort "by engagement." Then you'll see the post that has the most activity first, and the post that received the least likes and comments last. You can also sort by publication date, indexing date, as well as by number of comments, views, potential reach, author subscribers, channel subscribers and duplicates.

Step 6: Translate the mention

If the collected mention is in a foreign language, the system can translate it to the language of your account. We already translate from 29 languages.

If you would like to see the original text, click “Show original”:

💡 At the moment you can only translate the mentions one by one.

🎉 Your mention stream is ready — time to start analyzing!

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