Subscribing to Pro, Insight, Analyze or Innovate pricing plans you can give users different levels of access to topics in your account:

  • full management, including settings;

  • data markup only;

  • view only;

  • without access to the topic.

To activate the "Access right to topic permissions" feature (disabled by default):

1. Navigate to your Account Settings.

2. On the "Account info" tab, activate "Access right to topic permissions."

To set up access levels for a new user:

1. In the "Users" tab in your account settings, select "Create user."

2. By default, all users are created as "Managers" — with full access to all topics and data in the account. To configure permission levels for the user, select the “Member” access type (toggle off).

Learn the difference between "Member" and "Manager" user types here.

3. Set up the new Member's permissions: choose which topics this user can access and which actions they can perform (view topic, process mentions, modify the search query, etc.).

☝️ You can modify permission levels for any previously created user in the "Users" section of your account settings. 

Happy monitoring!

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