Why auto-categories?

Auto-categories help you pick out the most relevant information from a large stream of mentions. YouScan automatically sorts mentions by categories with the help of machine learning.
Examples of such auto-categories include:

  • Article, which gives an overview of news stories and other media coverage about your topic
  • Promo, which can help you analyze your promotional initiatives
  • WOM (word-of-mouth), which can help you listen to your customers and find insights
  • Commerce and donation, which filter out irrelevant posts of items for sale or charity requests

How to use auto-categories

1. Navigate to the filter menu by clicking "Change Filter"

2. In the "General" tab under "Auto-category", choose the type(s) of posts you'd like to work on.

You can also set up "Rules" for each auto-category. For example, the software can automatically delete posts that fall under commerce or charity.

List of auto-categories

WOM (word of mouth) - a mention where the user describes their personal experience with the brand: their opinion, actions, desires. These types of mentions are more personal, often addressed to someone specific (a friend, a colleague, the company), and written in a more casual tone. 

Article - an informative mention. These are user-generated posts on social media and news stories shared over Messenger, on social media or forums. These mentions include news stories, factsheets, briefs, blog posts and testimonials. 

Promo - mentions aimed at audience engagement and brand promotion. These are ads, sponsored posts, instructions, announcements, job postings, and event schedules. 

Teaser - headlines, previews and sneak peeks of new content. These types of mentions usually contain links to the full version of the teased content. 

Captions - photo and video captions, hashtags.

List - the subject of your monitored topic is included in a list. 

Commerce - items for sale, mentions of products for commercial purposes.

Donation - charity requests, fundraising, and reports on various charity initiatives. 

Recipe - instructions for food preparation, tutorials.

If you have any questions about auto-categories, send us a chat message or email support@youscan.io ;) 

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