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What are tags and how to use them in YouScan
What are tags and how to use them in YouScan

How to categorize mentions using tags

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Why do you need tags?

Tags help you sort all mentions in a topic by category or sub-topic. For example, they come in handy if your brand owns several products (candy, cookies, lollipops) and you need data for each product separately. You can set up individual tags like "candy", "cookies", "lollipops", corresponding to whatever product is mentioned in a post.

How to tag posts

You can tag posts as you go. If a tag doesn't exist yet, the software will suggest that you add it. 

  • A tag name can contain up to 100 characters including spaces.

  • You can assign several tags to a single mention.

You can also tag mentions in bulk. For example, you can filter posts in the Starbucks topic by the keyword "espresso" and tag all the filtered posts.

💡 Save time by setting up automatic tagging of new mentions according to your criteria.

How to edit or delete a tag

You can change the name, description, colour of a tag or delete it in Settings under Tags.

Working with existing tags

After tagging your mentions, YouScan will automatically create a report that you can download in the format of your choice. You can find those reports in the General Analytics section under Tags.

Reports allow you to analyze and compare conversation dynamics of each tag and sentiment by category.

You can also filter the mention stream by individual tags.

Alternatives to tags

You don't always have to tag posts manually - many tasks that involve sorting mentions can be done using YouScan's smart functions:

If you want to sort mentions by content category - for example, to separate promo posts from real conversations - try the Auto-category filter.

If you need to analyze different aspects of a product or service, like design, packaging or taste, use the Aspects function.

You might want to divide mentions into subtopics - for example, to find out what gets discussed more in a topic about a mall: fashion, cinema or food? In that case, try the "Subject" filter.

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Happy monitoring!

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