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Analyzing trending posts

How YouScan can help you work with mentions related to PR crises, events or advertising campaigns

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How successful was your most recent ad campaign? What is the most prevalent pain point for your customers?

YouScan can help you answer these and other reputation management questions.

In this article, we'll go over the monitoring tools that can help you process mentions and get the necessary metrics efficiently and effectively.

💡 For example. Let's say you are monitoring a brand and wish to find out what your customers love and don't like as much. For this task, you'll need to:

1. Create a monitoring topic for the new product and include all possible spellings of the product name. In this example, we'll use Coca-Cola.

2. See the total engagement with this topic in the Analytics section. The graph depicts the overall number of posts published over a set period and trending conversations. To learn more about a particular trend, click on its corresponding "bubble":

3. Learn which platforms hosted the most active discussions, as well as the detailed metrics of these discussions, in the Sources tab:

4. To compare how the consumers reacted to your new product and your competitor's offering, use the "Comparison" feature in Analytics section. You'll need to create a separate monitoring topic for your competitor brand - in our example, this is another beverage, craft beer. Add the competitor topic using the "Change" button:

Mention work made easy

Here are a couple of tips on how to extract the data necessary for your analysis from the overall mention volume:

1. WOM auto-category: Filtering by this auto-category will only show you user-generated posts.

2. If your mentions contain many images, you should definitely check out the Gallery view and Visual Insights.

*Visual Insights is a paid add-on for Listen and Analyze pricing plans. However, it is already included in the Innovate pricing plan. If you would like to gather more information, please contact us at or reach out to your personal manager.

💡 For example, let's imagine that a future marketing campaign requires you to find selfies from man and women wearing Apple Watch. Visual Insights makes it easy to find these posts. Simply navigate to Visual Insights, click on "Choose" in the Gallery tab.

Choose the "Selfie" subtype, and "Man" and "Woman" under Person:

A couple of tips about PR crises and reputation management

Every company has encountered some online rage and comment pile-ons at one point or another. So how can you protect your brand reputation from accusations of horrible customer service, product quality, or negative ad campaigns from the competition?

1. To receive notifications about such situations, we recommend enabling Smart Alerts:

2. You can find the original post that contains the negative review or mention with Links and Authors. These features can also help you identify influencers and other authors whose messages may need to be prioritized to help resolve the situation as quickly as possible:

Do you still have questions? Drop us a line in the chat! ;)

Happy monitoring!

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