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Frequent use cases of Rules

What processes you can automate using Rules

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In this article we've collected examples of manual processes that YouScan clients automate using Rules:

How to divide all mentions into categories

The rule can help you to divide all mentions in your topic into categories using tags. Once you've created these categories it's easy to process them or use them in the Analytics section.

Learn more about dividing the mentions into segments with the help of the Rules.

How to automatically mark mentions as processed

How to reduce time-consuming manual work by creating a rule that will send certain mentions you don't need to check to the Processed folder.

How to set the same sentiment for certain posts

You can create a rule that automatically sets a particular sentiment to certain posts. For example, you can set the neutral sentiment to all the posts from your brand's official page on social media. In this way, they won't influence the overall sentiment statistics of your customers' posts.

How to automatically delete certain posts in your topic

The rule can help you delete irrelevant posts so that you don’t have to manually process each of them. For example, you don’t need to check promotional or commercial posts and you don’t want to see them in the mentions stream - the rule will come in handy.

How to receive email notifications about important posts

Let's create a rule that helps you receive notifications to your or your colleagues’ emails. In this way, you will always be aware of the important conversations about your brand 💪

How to receive notifications to the integrated system

If you want to stay updated with the crucial conversations about your brand all the time, you create a rule that will send important mentions to integration with another system. For example, the system can send all the negative mentions to Telegram messenger.

💡 Please note that you need to add the integration in the topic settings before creating the rule.

How to separate your company's own posts in the topic

YouScan collects mentions from various sources, including posts from the brand’s official pages. Sometimes though, you might need to process only user-generated content, and sometimes - your company’s posts only.

To distinguish these 2 groups and process them separately, create a rule that will put relevant tags on them. The system can also automatically send such mentions to the Processed folder.

We'll be happy to tell you more about the ways in which Rules can help you get relevant results from social media monitoring 😉

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