Net Sentiment Rate or NSR helps estimate the sentiment ratio of mentions in your topic. You can measure the NSR for your brand, compare your rate with your competition or other products within your brand ecosystem.

This metric is available in the Overview tab of the Analytics dashboard, as well as in your digest.

The formula to calculate NSR

NSR is calculated using the following formula:

((Positive mentions - Negative mentions) / (Positive mentions + Negative mentions)) * 100

For example, if your topic contains 1000 positive mentions and 150 negative ones, your score will be calculated as follows:

NSR = ((1000-150) / (1000+150)) *100 = 74

The scale for NSR ranges from -100 to +100, where 0 indicates neutral sentiment.

A positive NSR indicator is a score above 0.

A negative NSR indicator is a score below 0.

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