Trends are discussions around your monitoring subject that gain traction within a certain period of time. YouScan finds trends automatically with the help of machine learning algorithms. 

☝️ A discussion is considered trending if it has at least 50 mentions. If your topic gets fewer than 150 mentions a day, the algorithm doesn't have enough data to analyze or look for trends. 

  • Analysis of large data sets; insight research;

  • Fast response times to spikes in online conversations;

  • Identifying where viral content originated - detailed analysis of individual trends;

  • Data optimization for specific tasks. For example, you can exclude all trending discussions from a mention stream to avoid missing routine customer concerns.

Dynamics graph

To track the distribution of trends in dynamics, go to "Analytics" → "Overview" tab → "Dynamics" graph.

Trends are depicted as bubbles on the graph. Trending topics that contain negative-sentiment mentions are marked red, positive trends are green, and neutral are blue. 

Hover your mouse over any bubble to get a detailed view of the trend:

  • Trend description;

  • Total number of mentions in this trend during peak period;

  • Total number of mentions in this trend during the selected period (meaning dates picked in the calendar);

  • Overall engagement (total number of likes, comments and shares) for mentions in this trend;

  • Number of unique authors;

  • Auto-category for mentions (if a prevalent one is identified);

  • Author gender (if a prevalent one is identified);

  • Country or city (if a prevalent one is identified);

  • Source (if a prevalent one is identified).

☝️You can turn off the trends if you need to view the chart without “bubbles”.

To turn them back on press Aina button as shown below.

Below the "Dynamics" graph in the "Analytics" section, you can find a list of the most active trends in your set time period. Here, the trends' sentiment is shown in the same colours as the graphs: negative - red, positive - green, neutral - blue.  

Filter by trend

By clicking on any bubble on the "Dynamics" graph, you are filtering your mentions stream by that trend. You can do the same for trends in the list of trending topics. 

You can navigate back to the mention stream in order to review the discussion, or go to any tab in the "Analytics" section. The trend filter will persist throughout your dashboard. 

For example, you can take a look at which platforms housed the discussions, and which regions and demographics participated in it. 

💡The filter menu in "Mentions" section contains a separate tab for trends. In it, you can apply filters to individual trends or exclude certain discussions to avoid missing important information because of a trending topic. 

🧐Learn more about how to use trends in YouScan on our blog.

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