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LinkedIn: authorization and monitoring
LinkedIn: authorization and monitoring

How to add LinkedIn account to YouScan to collect data

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In this article you'll learn:

Why you need to authorize LinkedIn in YouScan

You need authorization in order to collect LinkedIn data. After the authorization is completed, you can add a page of any company as a channel to your topic to collect

for owned pages:

  • posts and comments from your company page

  • posts where your company was tagged

  • engagement for these mentions (number of reactions, comments, shares, and views)

for non-owned pages:

  • posts

☝️ To allow YouScan to collect data from your company page, you need a corresponding access level. We use permissions to read data only and don’t post anything on your behalf.

How to authorize a LinkedIn page in YouScan

1. Go to Account Settings in YouScan.

2. Select "Social accounts" in the right-hand menu.

3. Select "Authorize your LinkedIn"

4. You will be transferred to the LinkedIn page. Use your email/phone and password to log in.

☝️You need to have the right level of access and page role that allows you to manage your company's LinkedIn page.

5. You will see a notification listing the permissions you will provide YouScan with. Press "Allow" to continue.

6. If the authorization is successful, LinkedIn will redirect you back to YouScan, and you will see the new authorization in the "Social accounts" section.

Authorization expiry date and how to renew expired authorization

⚠️ Authorization stays active for 365 days. In order not to lose any important data, don't forget to renew your authorization from time to time.

You will receive a notification that your authorization will soon be over before it's expired. To avoid any disruptions in LinkedIn data collection, delete it and enable authorization again.

How to add a LinkedIn page as a channel

To monitor LinkedIn, you need to add a company page to your topic as a channel:

  1. Authorize your LinkedIn page using the following guide

  2. Go to the topic in which you want to collect LinkedIn data;

  3. Go to "Settings," open the "Channels" section and click the "Add channel" button;

  4. Paste the link to a company page and press Enter;

  5. Add a company page or tags of your company depending on your tasks.

Type of data YouScan collects from LinkedIn

When you're done with the authorization stage and adding a LinkedIn page as a channel to your topics, you will be able to collect:

  • posts and comments from your company page:

  • posts where your organization was tagged:

  • engagement for owned pages: the number of reactions, comments, shares, and views.
    We update these numbers only for posts from your page. We sum up all the reactions and show them as the total number of likes (we don't support separate Linkedin-specific reactions)

  • mentions from LinkedIn users will be anonymized according to LinkedIn policy (no name, profile photo, and other personal info is shown) except for mentions posted by the authorized organization

  • posts from the other company's page

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