How to set up a Microsoft Teams integration

How to send YouScan mentions to Microsoft Teams

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You can set up an integration with Microsoft Teams in YouScan in two steps:

Step 1. Enable the integration.

Step 2. Set up a rule to automatically send mentions to Microsoft Teams.

Enabling the Microsoft Teams integration

1. Sign in to your Microsoft Teams account;

2. Select the preferred channel and click the “Connectors” in the options;

3. From the list of apps, select YouScan, then click “Configure”;

4. Sign in using your YouScan credentials (login and password);

5. Select the topic from which you want to receive mentions.

✅ That's it! Now YouScan can send mentions to Microsoft Teams. You may configure rules to send mentions automatically as soon as YouScan finds them or send mentions manually.

Set up an automation rule for sending mentions to Microsoft Teams

You can use Rules to create a conditional statement to send mentions to a different tool automatically.

To create a new rule:

  1. Open mentions stream.

  2. Select necessary filters.

  3. Select all mentions.

  4. Click a magic wand button to create a rule.

  5. In the rule creation window, select Send to integrated service

  6. Pick your Microsoft Teams integration.

After setting up the rule, all new mentions that satisfy the conditional statement will be automatically sent to Microsoft Teams.

💡 You can also send ALL new mentions to Microsoft Teams. To do this, select all mentions without a filter and create a rule.

How to manually send mentions to an integration

To send a mention to Microsoft Teams, click the "Share" button and select the desired integration.

This is what the mention looks like in Microsoft Teams.

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