You can add new team members to your account by navigating to "Account Settings" --> "Users

☝️Only users with the "Manager" user type can add new users to the account. 

The password will be sent to the email you add, and the email address will be set as the username.

You will also need to set the new user's permission level by selecting the User Type: Manager or Member.

  • A Manager has administrator access to everything in the account. 
  • A Member does not have access to the "Users" list in Account Settings; Members cannot add or delete users. 
  • A Member does not have access to Billing. Members cannot download receipts or receive any subscription information.
  • If you have the "Set permissions" function enabled, Members cannot delete topics created by other users.

 🔥There is no limit to the number of users on your account.

Which team members should have access to your account?

Customer Service or Support teams can quickly respond to brand mentions and customer complaints.

Marketers use social media monitoring to uncover consumer insights and track marketing campaign performance. 

PR specialists track brand reputation and watch for any social media crises. 

HR specialists track the brand's image as an employer.

Sales representatives can use social media to find new clients, who may be interested in your company's products or services.

Research departments can analyze the audience's perception of your products or services, and how it compares to your competitors.

You can find more examples of how professionals from various fields use social media monitoring on our blog.

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