Email reports provide a summary of your monitoring work. These reports help you stay updated on the key changes in metrics and discussion trends, and contain examples of mentions that received the highest engagement over a certain time period. 

To enable daily/weekly/monthly reports:

  1. Go to the Notifications tab.

  2. Activate email reports by using toggles on the right-hand side. You can enable several email frequencies simultaneously, as shown below:

Daily reports are sent every morning and detail the results of the previous day. 

Weekly reports are sent every Monday morning and details the results of the previous week (Monday-Sunday).

Monthly reports are sent on the 1st of every month and detail the results of the previous month. 

💡 You can add new users so they can enable email reports. It may be useful for colleagues who don't have a YouScan account, but want to stay in the loop of all the important developments.

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