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Use the power of ChatGPT to find qualitative insights from millions of online conversations

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What is Insights Copilot?

Insights Copilot is a social media listening assistant powered by ChatGPT. It helps you summarize text mentions and explain high-level insights. Using Insights Copilot you will be able to get market or consumer research results easier and in mere minutes. Thanks to this powerful feature, you can start creating better marketing strategies, hone your marketing communications, and improve your products and services to outcompete your rivals and deliver outstanding customer experience to your clients.

Insight Copilot is mostly useful for:

  • summarizing text mentions (complaints, news, competitor review, etc.)

  • explaining high-level insights (such as a spike of negative mentions, negative customer service aspect, or some word or phrase in wordcloud)

How to use Insights Copilot

Insights Copilot is available in the mentions stream in any topic. To start using it, click the "Insights Copilot" button.

Insights Copilot has a natural language interface: you can enter any question about the social data in your topic or use our built-in suggestions. It also can’t maintain a conversation context yet: each question you ask the Copilot is considered independent. On average, the response time is a minute.

You can ask questions in any language YouScan supports, as well as analyze mentions that were written in any supported language. For example, you can ask questions in Ukrainian about data in English and vice versa. Insight Copilot can provide answers in English, Ukrainian, and Spanish.

You can use Insights Copilot in 3 ways:

1. Analyze: use it to summarize only specific content, such as:

  • Word of Mouth (mentions where the user describes their personal experience with the brand. These mentions include opinions, comparisons, recommendations, complaints, questions about products/services, and other discussions)

  • Potential crisis (complaints that have the risk of becoming a crisis if not properly handled)

  • Customer satisfaction (mentions that show how satisfied your customers are with your product or brand)

  • Pain points (get a swift summary of all the issues customers are experiencing with your product)

  • News summary (latest news about your product)

  • SWOT analysis (quickly produce the report on the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to your brand, based on analysis of opinions shared by the customers on social media)

  • Brand associations (what topics are also mentioned with your brand or product)

  • Influencers' opinions (thoughts about your product influencers share across social media)

2. Questions: use any question from the list of common ones. If you click on any of them, the system won't apply any additional filters and will analyze sample data in your topic. If you have already applied filters, the system will not remove them.

3. Write your question: with this option, you’re truly unlimited in what you can ask the Insights Copilot. But if you still want to isolate certain mentions from the stream, you can limit the mentions by applying filters.

For your convenience, you can enlarge the window. To do this, click the arrows in the upper left corner.

Examples of using Insights Copilot

For a marketer or researcher who needs to understand how your brand is differentiated from competitors in the minds of consumers.

Without the need to dive deep into the data, read a multitude of mentions, and analyze charts and graphs in the YouScan platform, you can get instant insights about your brand's positioning.

Use the freeform question and ask the Insight Copilot: “What differentiates Sephora from other beauty products retailers?”. You will be able to see the variety of results in a minute.

Click the “Example” to see the actual underlying mentions data, so you can double-check the insights provided by the Copilot and truly trust them.

💡 There’s also an option to copy all the insights to use them in your reports and presentations.

For a PR expert of a brand interested in learning more about the newest trends

Create a topic in YouScan that tracks social media discussions about the area of your interest, for example, environmental pollution. Ask the Insights Copilot using a suggested option: “What are the most interesting insights?”.

The results will quickly point you to the factors contributing to pollution and actions that can be taken to reduce its levels.

With Insights Copilot, you can quickly identify changing consumer preferences and concerns and adjust your brand messaging and product offerings accordingly. This can help you stay relevant and have a competitive advantage in today's market.

How to get the best results from Insights Copilot?

Use filters to narrow the set of analyzed mentions before asking some questions.

For example, if you want to get more insights about consumer experience, you should first filter by “WOM” or “Opinion” auto-categories. On the contrary, it is worth filtering by “News” source type to summarize the breaking news.


☝️ Insights Copilot analyzes only text mentions on social media. For image analysis and audience analysis, we recommend using YouScan's Al capabilities dedicated to Visual Insights and Audience Insights.

☝️ Your account has 50 free questions per month available, shared among all the users. Unlimited questions are available with the Insights Copilot add-on. If you would like to purchase it to your pricing plan, please contact your manager or our support team at

☝️We encourage you to cross-check Insights Copilot's results with other data in YouScan (and with external information when available), before using the answers you got for truly business-critical decisions.

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