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Insights Copilot

Use the power of ChatGPT to find qualitative insights from millions of online conversations

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What is Insights Copilot?

Insights Copilot is an AI assistant based on ChatGPT integrated directly into the YouScan social media listening platform. It enables users to query their social listening data using natural language.

With access to real-time social data collected by YouScan, Insights Copilot leverages our proprietary AI technology to provide insights into consumer sentiment, demographics, and more.

Insights Copilot offers more than just data summarization. It can handle a range of inquiries, from straightforward questions like “What are the key customer complaints?” to more complex analyses such as “What topics are regularly mentioned alongside our brand?” or “What are the unmet needs of my customers?”

The answers provided by Insights Copilot are backed by relevant examples of social media mentions, ensuring trustworthiness. This feature allows users to verify the accuracy of Copilot’s responses by examining real social posts directly.

How to use Insights Copilot?

To use Insights Copilot, click the "Insights Copilot" button in the mentions stream on any topic:

Insights Copilot has a natural language interface: you can enter any question about the social data in your topic or use our built-in suggestions.
On average, the response time is a minute.

You can cancel any request whenever you want, just click on the “Cancel” button.

Once it generates the answers, you can click “Example” to see the sources used to make conclusions.

It supports threaded conversations. You can engage in follow-up discussions, exploring key insights in greater detail and context.

You can delete a question from the history if you no longer need it. To do this:

  • Click on "History".

  • Move the mouse over the question and click the bin icon.

We translate only the final answer from the model into the user query language (i.e., if you ask a question in Spanish, we will translate the final answer to Spanish). To ensure you always get answers in your desired language, you can now choose a language explicitly in the Insights Copilot settings.

Getting the best results from Insights Copilot

Use filters to narrow the set of analyzed mentions before asking some questions.

For example, if you want to get more insights about consumer experience, you should first filter by “WOM” or “Opinion” auto-categories. On the contrary, it is worth filtering by “News” source type to summarize the breaking news.

You can choose the filters by yourself by clicking «Use current filters» or let us grab them from your question text by clicking «Extract filters from the question.»

Examples of using Insights Copilot

  1. Ask Follow-up Questions to Get Deeper Insights

For example, you can ask, “What are the main consumer complaints?” → … “And what about … ?” → “And how should we respond?

2. Build Charts and Analyze Stats

3. Compare different data segments

You can compare data for different time periods, geographical locations, or social conversations topics.

“What differentiates Sephora from other beauty products retailers?”:

Click the “Example” to see the actual underlying mentions data, so you can double-check the insights provided by the Copilot and truly trust them.

💡 There’s also an option to copy all the insights to use them in your reports and presentations.

☝️ Insights Copilot analyzes only text mentions on social media. For image analysis and audience analysis, we recommend using YouScan's Al capabilities dedicated to Visual Insights and Audience Insights.

Recording of Insights Copilot’s new capabilities

We also presented Insights Copilot 2.0 at Tech Demo Days, the Social Intelligence Lab’s event.
​👇 Check out the recording to find out more about the Copilot’s new capabilities! 🎥


You have 20 free monthly questions per account (10 for the "Starter" plan).
For unlimited questions, consider purchasing the Insights Copilot add-on.

Please contact your manager or our support team at for more information.

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