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How to manually distribute mentions work among colleagues; email notifications and folders for assigned mentions

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The "Assign" mention option allows for fast and effective team collaboration. By assigning mentions, you can inform your client of negative conversations or task someone with responding to a mention directly from your YouScan dashboard.

How to assign a mention

1. Click the Assign icon.

2. Choose a recipient.

💡 You can send email notifications only to those users who have access to your YouScan account. Here's how to add a new user to your account.

3. If desired, leave a note with assignment details for the recipient in the Add Message field.

4. Click "Apply."

Working with mentions that have been assigned to you

Over email. Each assigned mention emailed to you contains the following information:

  1. Who assigned the mention;

  2. Additional notes (if the assigning user left any);

  3. A link to the mention in YouScan;

  4. A link to the original publication.

In the YouScan dashboard. You can find all mentions that have been assigned to you in the "For me" folder in the left-hand topic menu. You can work with the assigned mentions directly in your dashboard.

All users see the name of the person who has been assigned to work with a specific mention to help keep track of the assignments.

When you finish working with a specific mention, leave a note indicating that it's been processed. This way, your colleagues will know that the necessary work has been done, and you don't need to revisit the mention to check whether it's been processed or not.

To do so, click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the mention and select "Add note."

Write your note and click "Save" when finished.

You're all done! Now your note is visible to all users with access to your topic.

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