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Custom Alerts

Set up automatic custom alerts by email or messenger

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​What is an alert

What are Alerts

Alerts are notifications automatically sent to your email or messenger. You can choose and apply filters to decide which mentions will trigger an alert.
This way, you’ll stay informed with the most relevant updates directly in your inbox or messenger.

How to set up Alerts

You can set up alerts in 2 ways:

From the Mention Stream:

  1. Click on the bell+ icon

  2. Apply filters, if necessary. If you do not apply filters, you will receive all mentions related to your topic.

    You can see examples of mentions with the selected filters to check their relevance.

  3. Select "Delivery method" -> "Emails" or "Messenger"
    ☝️ To choose a messenger as the delivery method, you need to add an integration in the "Integrations" section first. For more details on how to do this, read this article: How to set up alerts in Telegram.

  4. Choose a frequency for receiving alerts. As soon as the system finds a mention that fits the settings. Or every hour, all mentions that the system has found during that time (that match the settings).

  5. Select recipients.
    You can add email addresses for system users and colleagues who are not logged in YouScan.

  6. Click "Apply".

From the “Alerts” Folder:

Follow the same steps when creating alerts from the mentioned stream 👆

Once set up, you'll start to receive email notifications with mentions that match your selected filters.

Or messenger notifications with mentions that match your selected filters.

​How to customize alerts

You can customize the filters for your alerts. For example, you might want to receive only mentions with negative sentiment and customer opinions.

To set this up:

  1. Go to “Filters”

  2. Select negative sentiment and the WOM auto-category

  3. Click on the bell icon to create an automated alert

    Or add filters when creating an alert by clicking "+ Add Filter."

How to edit or delete alerts

You can always edit your existing alerts. To do this:

  1. Go to “Alerts.”

  2. Hover over the alert you want to change and click on the pencil icon.

  3. Make the necessary changes and click “Apply.”

To delete an alert

  1. Go to “Alerts.”

  2. Hover over the alert you want to change and click on the bin icon.

  3. In the window that appears, click “Yes, delete”

Should you require any more information, please feel free to write our support team at

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