There are three steps to set up a UseDesk integration:

  1. Create a UseDesk API key;

  2. Set up a UseDesk integration in YouScan;

  3. Set up an automation rule for sending mentions to UseDesk.

How to create a UseDesk API key

Here is a step-by-step instruction from the UseDesk blog:

  1. Go to your UseDesk account;

  2. Turn on API integration in Settings under Integration:;

3. Now, navigate to Channels and select "Set up API";

4. Specify "App name." This is the name of your API channel. You can leave the URL field blank;

5. Copy your "Secret key" and use it in creating a UseDesk integration in YouScan.

How to set up a UseDesk integration in YouScan

  1. In the topic where you want to set up the integration, go to topic Settings and select Integrations;

  2. Select the UseDesk integration;

  3. Paste your secret API key from UseDesk;

  4. You should receive a test mention. Check how it looks in UseDesk.

Congratulations! Your integration is set up and ready to use.

The rest is easy: simply use this integration to create UseDesk tickets.

Set up an automation rule for sending mentions to UseDesk

You can use Rules to create a conditional statement to automatically send mentions to a different tool - for example, sending all reviews to UseDesk. Learn how to set up a rule here.

After setting up the rule, all new mentions that satisfy the conditional statement will be automatically sent to UseDesk.

It is also possible to get all the new mentions to UseDesk. Just select all mentions without applied filters and hit yellow magic wand to create a rule.

How to manually send mentions to an integration

You can also send mentions manually.

This is what the mention would look like in UseDesk:

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