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Sending mentions to Freshdesk

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Freshdesk is a popular cloud-based customer service software with helpdesk support. Make the management of your brand mentions part of your support workflow with YouScan's Freshdesk. We’ll automatically post your mentions as tickets in Freshdesk.

To use our Freshdesk integration you’ll need a YouScan account. Click here to sign up for a free trial if you haven’t done it yet.

It's easy to set up YouScan-Freshdesk integration! Just follow the quick steps below to try our Freshdesk integration out.

How to configure Freshdesk integration in the YouScan topic:

Step 1. Open «Integrations» menu in your topic «Settings».

Step 2. Choose Freshdesk integration.

Step 3. Login to your Freshdesk account.

Step 4. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select «Profile Settings».

Step 5. Copy your API token which is available in the right panel.

Step 6. Switch back to YouScan and specify your Freshdesk subdomain (the word that comes before in the browser when you are logged into Freshdesk) and the API token you've just copied. 

Step 7. Send a test message and check how it looks in your Freshdesk account.

Step 8. Confirm integration creation.

🎉 That's it! Now YouScan can send mentions to your Freshdesk account. You may configure rules to send mentions automatically as soon as YouScan finds them or send mentions manually.

How to send mentions automatically via rules

Using Rules feature you can specify a condition to send mentions to Freshdesk automatically. For example, send all the reviews about a specific product.

To create a new rule:

1. Open mentions stream and select necessary filters;
2. Select all mentions and click a magic wand button to create a rule;

3. In the rule creation window, select «Send to integrated service» action and pick your Freshdesk integration. 

It is also possible to get all the new mentions to Freshdesk. Just select all mentions without applied filters and hit yellow magic wand to create a rule.

Send mentions to Freshdesk manually

You can also send specific mentions manually

And here is how this mention will look at Freshdesk

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance. Just reach us in the chat :) 

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