Setting up integration with HubSpot takes two steps:

  1. Adding integration

  2. Setting up a rule to automatically send mentions to the integration.

How to set up an integration with HubSpot

  1. In the topic where you want to set up the integration, go to "Settings" and select "Integrations"

  2. Select the HubSpot integration

  3. Click "Authorize HubSpot"

  4. A window for authorization will open in a separate tab.
    Click "Choose account"

    5. Then click "Connect app"

✅ Done! You can now create tickets in HubSpot directly from YouScan.
Send mentions manually or create a rule to automate the sending.

Set up an automation rule for sending mentions to HubSpot

Using the "Rules" feature, you can set the conditions for automatically creating tickets in HubSpot. For example, send all negative mentions from social networks. Learn how to set up a rule here.

You can also send ALL new mentions to HubSpot. To do this, select all mentions without a filter and create a rule.

How to manually send mentions to an integration

To send a mention to HubSpot, click the "Share" button and select the desired integration.

This is how the ticket will look in HubSpot.

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