Why authorize Instagram?

If you want to see all posts and comments from a certain profile, you first need to include that profile as a "channel." To include an Instagram channel, you first need to authorize that Instagram account in YouScan.

Which Instagram account needs authorization in order to become a YouScan channel?

You need to authorize the account which contains the mentions you'd like to monitor. You can only authorize a business account (an Instagram account that is connected to the owner's Facebook Page with additional functions and expanded capabilities). 

How to authorize an account

You can authorize a profile in YouScan's "Account Settings" section. To authorize the account, you need login information for the Facebook Page attached to that Instagram account. 

1. Go to Account Settings.
2. Select "Social accounts" in the right-hand menu.
3. Select "Add authorization."

4. In the pop-up window, select "Continue with Facebook"

5. Your account will be automatically authorized (if you're logged in on Facebook), or you will have to enter your Facebook login credentials. 

☝️If you don't have access to your business Facebook account, you can send an authorization link to the account owner. You can find that link in YouScan's Account Settings.

🎉Your Instagram has been authorized and you can now monitor all posts and comments from the account that is connected to the authorized Facebook Page. 

Turn on Channels in the Topic Settings of your desired monitoring topic. 

You can learn more about enabling channels in this article.

How to revoke authorization 

You can disable YouScan authorization in the Facebook account settings under "Business Integrations".

If you have any questions, send us a chat message (circle icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen). We'd be happy to help!

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