Check if your Instagram is converted to a business profile

Make sure your profile is a Business Profile on Instagram. You can confirm this by going to your profile and tapping Edit Profile on Instagram mobile app. Business Profiles will have a section titled Public Business Information.

Connect Instagram to the correct Facebook page

Go to your profile again and click on Edit Profile. Tap the name of the connected Facebook Page in the Business Information section. Confirm that the correct Facebook Page is selected.

☝️Note that if the connected Page appears to have the correct name, but has no profile photo, the connected Page is most likely the one that Instagram created itself while you were converting to a Business Profile.

This could be resolved by tapping on the Page that includes your profile photo. Once this is done, symbol must appear next to the correct Page.

If there are no traces of the correct Facebook Page at all, log into the Facebook Page to which you have admin access using Facebook's mobile app.
If this process still does not show the correct Page, you’ll need to continue to the next step to check whether you have the correct access on the desired Facebook Page.

Сheck what type of access to the Facebook page you have

You need a Facebook access with full control or Admin access to the Business Account to connect an Instagram Business Profile to YouScan. To confirm that, go to the associated Facebook Page, select Settings → New Pages Experience → Page access.

Learn more about Facebook access of new Pages

If you don’t have a Facebook access with full control or Admin access to the Business Account, contact an Admin or the Page Owner to help in connecting the profile to YouScan.

Set up Facebook Business integration for this profile

If you have the required status and permissions for the associated Facebook Page, you’ll want to check your Facebook Business Integration settings.

To update the setting and allow YouScan access to your Instagram Business Profile, remove YouScan’s integration from Facebook.

Head back to your YouScan Social account settings and follow the steps to authorize your Instagram. This will reconnect YouScan so that you can collect data from Facebook and Instagram. Your Instagram profile should now be connected to YouScan.

Still Facing Trouble Connecting Instagram Business Profile?

Go through the steps below:

  1. Open the Facebook Page associated with your Instagram Business Profile. You can find your Facebook page here —

  2. Go to the Settings tab and click on the Linked Accounts. You will find the details of your connected Instagram account.

  3. Check if there is any Review Connection warning.

  4. Just click on the Review Connection button and follow the steps to complete the review process.

  5. Once completed, try connecting your Instagram Business profile to YouScan again.

If you have any questions left, feel free to contact our support chat (bubble on the right). We are always happy to help!

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