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Why you need to authorize Instagram and Facebook in YouScan

You need authorization in order to collect Instagram data in your topics. Without it, this information cannot be collected.

Authorization also allows you to include your entire Instagram account as a channel, in order to collect the following into your topic stream:

  • All account posts, even if they don't contain the keywords;

  • All comments on the account;

  • All posts from the Tagged section (other users tagging your account on photos).

Accounts that should be authorized and permissions you need to do that

  • Authorization requires you to have a Business Account on Instagram: your company's account or a Creator Account. To check or change your account type, go to your Instagram Settings. Learn how to set up a Business Account.

  • Authorization takes place through your business page on Facebook (the one linked to your Instagram account). Check that you have access to approve apps for the Page. You can learn more about page roles in Facebook's Help Center. If you don't have the right role/permission level, follow the steps in the next section.

  • If you want to collect all posts and comments from a specific Instagram account, make sure to authorize the desired account.

How to authorize an account

1. Go to Account Settings in YouScan.

2. Select Social accounts in the right-hand menu.

3. Select Add authorization.

4. Select the profile you will use for authorization. Reminder: You need the right level of access and page role to add apps to that business page on Facebook.

5. Select the Instagram account you want to authorize and click Next.

6. Select the business Facebook Page associated with that Instagram account and click Next.

7. Make sure all permissions are ON for YouScan, as seen in the screenshot below, and click Done.

These permissions are necessary to collect Instagram posts for your topic in YouScan.

8. If the authorization is successful, you will see a message like the one in the screenshot below. Click OK to return to YouScan.

9. Now, you have the new authorization in the Social accounts section.

☝️ If you want to monitor all posts, comments, and tags of your Instagram account, don't forget to include the account in Settings → Channels in your desired topic.

Learn more about channels here.

🔍 If you can't add an Instagram page to Channels, check out this article on the most common issues.

What you can do when you do NOT have access to the necessary Facebook Page

Send an authorization link to the Page admin.

To get the link:

1. Go to Account Settings.

2. Go to Social Accounts.

3. Select Authorize another person.

4. The link is automatically copied to your clipboard. Send it to the Page admin to set up authorization. The admin will need to follow steps 4-7 from the previous section.

Authorization expiry dates and how to renew expired authorization

⚠️ Authorization stays active for 60 days. In order not to lose any important data, don't forget to renew your authorization from time to time.

You will be notified 7 days before data collection stops. To avoid any disruptions in Instagram data collection delete it and enable authorization again

You will receive a different notification if your authorization is already expired. Feel free to renew it in this case.

Once you click on Details, you will land in Social accounts section. You may use a guide in the beginning of the article to help you authorize a necessary account.

You can temporarily snooze the notification by pressing "Remind later".

☝ The notification will disappear once you renew all the authorizations needed for data collection from the added accounts. You will see the notification in all the topics within your account.

How to turn authorization off

You can disable authorization in your Facebook settings in the "Business Integrations" section.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support chart (bubble on the right-hand side), we're always happy to help!

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