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How to set up automatic payments for YouScan services
How to set up automatic payments for YouScan services

Learn how to add or remove a bank card as preferred payment on your YouScan account

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Automatic card payments are a great way to avoid lengthy invoicing processes and paperwork. Besides, completing a card payment is as easy as signing up for iTunes 😉

How to set up card payments

STEP 1: Send us a chat message or reach out to your account manager, so we can prepare your account for payment according to your subscription plan. These settings will be saved for future transactions. 

STEP 2: Go to "Account Settings" and then select "Billing."
☝️ Only users with a "Manager" permission level can pay via card; if you are only a "Member," ask your colleagues to expand your access rights by following these instructions

STEP 3: Add your card information, billing country and billing address. 

💡 Make sure to read and consent to the Terms of Use by checking off a box next to "Agree." 

⚠️ Before setting up your subscription, check that your browser allows pop-ups from the domain. This is important when completing a card payment - you will need to enter a password sent by your financial institution (if your card is protected by 3D Secure.)

STEP 4: Once you've verified all your information, press «Subscribe»:

STEP 5: Selecting «Subscribe» will initiate the verification process for your account. You will be charged a nominal fee of $1 (USD), which will be reimbursed to your account once the payment method has been successfully set up.
You will need to wait while the card is verified. The card will then be automatically added to your account. During the verification process, you will see the following notification:

You're all done! The card has been successfully added to your account. 

STEP 6: If your subscription is not active, the necessary amount will be charged to your card immediately, without additional notice. 

If your subscription is active (for example, you might be switching to a different card in the middle of your subscription cycle), no additional charges will be applied. You will be charged for the next cycle once your current subscription expires. 

How to remove a card

❗ Keep in mind that your card will be charged automatically at the end of each payment cycle. If you want to make a one-time payment, you must remove your card information once the payment is completed. To remove a card, please contact support team in chat or email us at

How to switch to a different plan with automatic card payments

To change your current plan or bill, send a message to the support chat or to your account manager. We will update your information for future payments. 

How to change your card

To change a card, contact support team in chat or email us at We will remove the active card and you will be able to add a new card by following the steps from the beginning of this article.

What happens if there are insufficient funds at the time of payment

If there are not enough funds on the card at the time of payment, the payment will not go through and your subscription will expire. 
If this happens, add money to your card the account, remove the card and add it again. When you add the card again, we will try to authorize the payment again.

We're happy to answer any questions you might have about payment - just send us a message via chat (blue bubble in the bottom-right corner) 😊

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