You can use filters to see a subset of mentions in your YouScan topic. 

  1. How to use filers

  2. Excluding filers

  3. How to save your filters

  4. Detailed information on each type of filter

How to use filters

For example, let's say you only want to see social media posts from the United States and Canada. To view this subset, you need to:

  • Click "Choose filter"

  • Navigate to the "Sources" tab and select "Social networks" as your "Resource Type"

  • Then, navigate to the "Geography" tab and select "United States" and "Canada" as your preferred locations

  • Click "Apply"

Voila! Your mentions stream will change to reflect the new filters. 

Your filters are applied across the board to different sections of your topic. For example, in the "Analytics" section, all graphs will change to accommodate new filter parameters. 

You can delete individual filter parameters by pressing the 'X' icon next to the parameter name. Alternatively, you can delete the entire filter by selecting "Cancel."

Excluding filters

In addition, you can hide mentions with specific parameters from the stream. For example, you can hide mentions from your brand pages or certain sources.

To do this, point to the area to the right of the desired parameter and click on the red circle that appears there.

How to save your filters

All selected filters are reflected in your URL. If you're always working with the same filters, you can simply set the parameters once, save the new URL, and then use that link to work in YouScan. This way, you don't have to keep choosing the same filters over and over again. 

☝️ Do not forget to change the dates in the calendar; they are also reflected in the link.

Detailed information on each type of filter

For some filters, we have detailed information in these articles:
- Content type

- Collection method
- Indirect mentions
- Subject
- Auto-categories

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