The Mentions section has a dedicated Spam folder. In this post, we'll explain what counts as spam and how mentions end up in this folder.

To determine whether or not to mark a post as spam, YouScan analyzes the post and the author's profile. The algorithm considers things like post content, number of followers on the account, number of bots among followers and friends, profile activity, friend/follower activity and other indicators.

Mentions the algorithm marked as spam end up in the Spam folder, which helps exclude irrelevant posts from your mention stream.

How to add mentions to the Spam folder

You can manually mark a post as spam if the algorithm missed it. It will end up in the Spam folder.

How to remove mentions from the Spam folder

If you noticed that the Spam folder contains relevant mentions, you have the option to remove them.

By marking mentions as spam or removing them from the spam folder manually, you help make the YouScan algorithm smarter. The algorithm learns from your actions to identify spam more accurately in the future.

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